Graphics client
for live video production

SPX Graphics Controller is a professional tool for live television broadcasts and web streams using HTML graphics on CasparCG and/or streaming software such as OBS, vMix, Wirecast or XSplit.

SPX is a free, open source software.

SPX is developed for professional broadcast and streaming video workflows for managing and controlling lower thirds and other dynamic, live, network quality graphics.

A pack of customizable graphics comes with the application
and more can be installed at any time when needed.

  • Manage and control animated lower thirds, countdowns, headlines, titles and other animated graphics

  • Use CasparCG as playout servers for multiple professional SDI or NDI outputs

  • Connect to OBS, vMix, Wirecast for streaming to Youtube, Twitch, Facebook or other platforms

  • Unlimited projects and rundowns

  • Project specific graphics

  • Use external data sources such as Google Sheet or Excel files

  • Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Cloud installations for remote work
  • Browser based UI is easy and fast to operate
  • User interface can be translated to your language |  接口可以本地化 | Интерфейс можно локализовать | इंटरफ़ेस स्थानीयकृत किया जा सकता है

Professional titles and lower thirds adds instantly value to any live production.

Live demo

Test drive SPX right here
There is a cloud instance running for demo purposes. Please note: there is just one shared instance so expect glitches if several people are logged on simultaneously. Demo is reset automatically few times a day.
Username: spxdemo
Password: instance

v.1.0.15. Demo updated  2021-12-23


Download for free

Prebuilt binary package for your operating system. Get the zip file, extract it to a folder and run.

Installation instructions are in readme.pdf file in the installation folder.

SPX comes with an example graphics pack of 8 professionally designed templates with customization options for name straps, lower thirds, headlines and more.


Version 1.0.15


Version 1.0.15


Version 1.0.15

Source code repository may contain features not yet available in these compiled binary releases. For source code see For older versions see the release notes. SPX software is licensed under the terms and conditions stated in the MIT license


Templates and Template Packs for SPX.

Professionally developed templates and plugins. 

We are developing new products to the store all the time so please come back often.



Need more information?

Visit SPX Knowledge Base or open the chat for instant answers.

SPX... what? What is it called?

GC, SPX-GC, SmartPX Graphics Contoller or just SPX - everything means the same.

The name comes from "SmartPX", the company behind the Graphics Controller. From the launch we have used the abbreviation "SPX-GC" as the name of the app - but you spoke and we listened..,

Let's just call it "SPX" from now on.

Going forward we will use as the official URL of the project.

Why is it free?

Our business model is in creating custom templates , functionality and technical integrations for our users and customers.

For us it makes perfect sense to keep SPX free to use for everybody.

But maintaining and developing takes time and resources. Want to help? Go and buy a template 👍

Is there a roadmap for SPX development?

Yes there is.

This website, the Template Store, Excel file support, Knowledge Base, Stream Deck control API and many others are items which were ticked off from the development roadmap in the past.

There are exciting new features on the roadmap still, such as Social Media Playout, automated playlists, mobile view for rundowns and much more.

We are also interested in hearing from you. Read the article for more and also give your feedback.

Who is SPX for?

Anyone who wants to add professional quality "broadcast graphics" to LIVE video productions, such as TV broadcasts or live streams.

Production teams, streamers, television networks, event organizers, churches, sporting venues, schools...

Where can I get templates?

SPX comes with a default Template Pack which colors and fonts can be customized with CSS parameters.

SPX graphics are purpose built HTML files with animations and javascript based functionality and CSS styling.
You can use and customize the default or you can develop your own.

But we, obsiously, would like you to prefer the best source, the SPX Store. Browse for templates, download some free ones and buy some production ready templates with font and color customization options to match your brand and style.

If your needs exceed the capabilities available in the premade templates, we will be happy to supply any custom solution to match your brand guidelines.

What is a prebuilt binary?

Since SPX is an Open Source project it is available both as source code and as prebuilt binary packages which can be extracted from a zip fle and run as-is.

Get the latest version directly from this website. 100% free.

Any support available?

Support is available in few different ways.

Free options are mostly based on self-help using resources such as SPX Knowledge Base articles and the chat (on this page).

For professional teams there is a paid support option available.

Please read the Knowledge Base article for more details regarding support.