How to make a file executable

Linux and Mac installations

The issue

When a prebuilt binary version of SPX-GC is downloaded and extracted to the target, installation directory, it is likely the Linux or Mac operating system does not recognize SPX-GC program as "executable" file.

On Mac the file may open in a Text editor once double clicked.

This issue is not present on Windows operating system nor the source code version of SPX-GC on any supported operating system.

The fix

Mac and Linux operating systems both have chmod -command available. (See for more info.)

To make the file executable:

  1. Open Terminal (a.k.a command prompt, console, command line...)

  2. Navigate to your SPX-GC directory with cd command, such as cd /myApps/spxgc/

  3. Add the executable permission to the SPX-GC program file with the below command for your operating system sudo chmod +x SPX-GC_linux64 or sudo chmod +x SPX-GC_macos64

Now the file can be run with a command line command, such as


Please note: on a Mac there is another issue to take care of. Read KB article: Files generated to a wrong folder on a Mac