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Professional graphics for SPX-GC 

Events -Pack

SKU 00006
Premium Template Pack for Events. Music, Art, Business, Culture and more.
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Product Details

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Events is a graphics pack of 5 templates designed for culture events

Events is designed to be a subtle and elegant graphics pack for live events, music concerts, or other culture performances.

Graphics are minimalistic but of high quality with soft animations which will not distract from the main performance. Color and fonts can be changed with customize.css file. Any TTF or OTF font can be used.

The title template can be used with or without a background image from the local media-folder.

  • Name strap / Song credits strap (left, center, right positions)
  • Custom colors and fonts
  • Corner logo (with optional clock)
  • Sidepanel for information texts, both left and right

( a low quality preview )


The template pack is provided at checkout in two variations: as a zip file for manual installation or as an installer for Windows. The pack includes all required files (html, images, fonts, css styles, etc). All source code is left editable (ie: non-minified) for customization and adaptation.

  • Files delivered as a zip file at checkout for manual installation. For Windows, an installer is also available for automated setup.
  • 5 HTML templates (HD 1920x1080)
    • Title - for instance "a stream will start soon" type of information with a call to action and "small print"
    • Name / song strap - up to 4 lines of text (left, center, right positions)
    • InfoText - oneliner for call-to-actions or other secondary information
    • Logo - your own png image + optional time display (12/24 hrs), top-left/right positions
    • Sidepanel for multiline text (hackable with inline HTML & CSS), left + right positions
  • Supporting files (such as fonts, images, javascript, etc)
  • Example image files
  • Readme.pdf for installation and usage instructions and examples
  • Premium license allows you to use and modify the files within your organization
  • Free updates (bug fixes) for a year from purchase


You can testdrive BasicEvent and all our other templates at the live online demo. Please note: there may be others using the demo at the same time which can cause unexpected glitches.

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SPX-GC Store templates are HTML graphics that are primarily designed to be used with SmartPX Graphics Controller (SPX-GC) application in LIVE streams or broadcasts. SPX-GC manages template content in projects and rundowns. SPX-GC is available for free for Windows, Linux, and Mac at spxgc.com.

SPX-GC can be integrated as a graphics renderer for OBS (Open Broadcast Software), vMix, Wirecast, XSplit, or other streaming applications with HTML graphics support. For professional television production, SPX-GC can be used with SDI or NDI video workflows with tools such as CasparCG, Sienna CG Engine, and Singular.live Recast.

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