Introduction to SPX

This is how you get started with our Graphics Controller! Includes an overview, Installation and Configuration instructions.

Did you know? You can also test drive SPX on-line. 


Customizing default templates

Instructional video on how to customize the look of SPX default templates.

The application comes with a started pack. You can then develop your own, or visit our Store for additional , professionally prepared templates for multiple use cases.

Texter - Hackable text template for SPX

Basic text template with limitless possibilities for LIVE video productions using SPX.

 SPX with Stream Deck

Introduction to http/rest API for remote control of the graphics controller to be used for example with Elgato Stream Deck devices.

 SPX discussion in "Office Hours" -livestream

Tuomo Kulomaa, the founder of SPX, was invited to Office Hours, a  global community of live production specialists, to discuss SPX and it's features.

The video goes through the basics of the software and includes a variety of demos, including interactive and social graphics.

More to come soon

We are working on several new video tutorials for SPX.
If you have a request for a video, please submit it using the feedback form.

Stay tuned